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Training Concepts

Edgeline is West Michigan's premier Team Building resource.

Whether you have a small team of employees or planning a business-wide retreat, Edgeline custom fits a program just for you. And we make it easy by coming to your location or setting up a venue for you. Whatever you team-needs are, we'll help you create a culture that inspires performance! We will custom fit our workshops to maximize results for your team.  Here are just a few of the things we can do.

New Team Formation

Edgeline’s original training helps to build a strong team from a collection of diverse individuals.  This training is designed for the newly formed team, where strengths are unknown and a process of working together has not been developed.  Participants will learn how to recognize their strengths and use them to create a powerful team.


Along with New Team Formation, Teambuilding has been core to our training offerings.  This training is designed for existing teams, where a new sense of direction is needed, or the group of workers needs new energy for the tasks at hand. Participants will learn how to rediscover their strengths and use them effectively.
Benefits include enhanced success of individuals and teams because they rediscover their strengths and are more aware of potential growth areas of the group.

Discovering Leadership

A dynamic training concept through which the participant constructs the basic building blocks of leadership knowledge, skill, and value through a unique process of discovery. 

Participants will learn how to search out challenging opportunities to change, grow, innovate and improve; to experiment, take risks, and learn from the accompanying mistakes; and how to foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust.

Understanding Yourself and Others

A Dynamic training concept through which the participants learn about the natural behavioral tendencies they have and how those behaviors impact their ability to function in and as a team. This training utilizes the EverythingDisc® Application Suite. Participants will learn how to recognize and capitalize on contrasting behavioral styles, while coming to understand their own value to the team.  They will develop communication strategies and learn how to influence others in a positive way.

Conflict Management

Every one of us has encountered conflict in the workplace at one time or another.   Often the root of it relates to misunderstandings or unfulfilled expectations, which results in interpersonal relationship concerns.  We try to help participants learn how to recognize negative conflict and chose an appropriate level of involvement.

Authorized Partnerships


The EverythingDiSC® tools establish a common language, paving the way for successful training and coaching applications


The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ facilitate a learning experience that helps professionals and their organizations discover what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team. 


PXT Select™ offers superior selection and employee assessment tools to help organizations make smarter hiring decisions.